Video Easter Sunday and having the back off an easter egg, includes bonus easter #1 hits

When we were young, and then even when we weren’t so young, our mum used to buy Ned and I as many Easter Eggs as she could reasonably fit into a shopping basket at Asda without attracting the attention of the manager who would think that she was the owner of a rival supermarket out … Continue reading


Video Saturday, July 1974, I start work and set fire to it.

George McRae, the ladies loved him and his tight pants to which he owes his entire singing career, the tight pants that is, and these days he can even afford a shirt. Its July 1974 and having left school the previous Friday I have just walked straight into a permanent job of work in the … Continue reading

We Owned Toys That Hurt Other Kids

We live in an age where children have lost the use of their legs, grow to immense proportions as soon as they leave the womb and develop incredible hand-to-eye co-ordination from constant operation of hand held gaming devices, according to an un-acknowledged source children today spend almost 105% of their waking hours in front of … Continue reading


Video Saturday – 1964 and a family outing

Its Easter 1964, and being Easter our dad has taken the unusual step of having a day off from work, strange but true, and he and my mother are discussing what to do on this fine bank holiday monday in order to educate and entertain their eight and six year old offspring. We weren’t the … Continue reading

Vanden Plas

Video Saturday – Songs For The A1

Go on, admit it, you sort of like this here tune don’t you, yes you do, even though you will never admit it to anyone, not even to your own reflection in the mirror, and you certainly wouldn’t let him fly you anywhere, its still a pleasant enough tune to hum along to on a … Continue reading

Video Saturday on a Sunday – Space, Robot Butlers and a Life of Leisure.

I was born in September 1956 and quickly became part of the first generation in our country not to have to go and fight a war for somebody else, somewhere else, not unless you wanted to anyway, if you wanted to you always had the choice to volunteer, join the Army and go get yourself … Continue reading

Video Saturday – The Rendevous Club

We start with what I consider to be the finest ever rendition of Roy Orbison’s “Its Over”, a quite remarkable rendering by sometime famous actor Michael Caine made all the more poignant to myself and some select others by the fact that this is recorded at the world famous, well, famous in North Yorkshire, well … Continue reading

Video Saturday on a Sunday – Dr Hook & The Medicine Show

Its the late 1970s and I’m ensconced in contractors digs in Whitley Bay, I won’t name the place for fear of The Sue but if the name “Per Mar Whitley Bay” ever crops up in a conversation you should just nod wisely and through narrowed eyes say something like “I think I’m doing something else … Continue reading

Video Saturday – For Your Delectation and Delight…

Style, sophistication, deep meaningful lyrics, a tune that will forever live in memory through the generations, these are things yet to be write about Black Lace’s “We’re Having A Gang Bang” or indeed any other offering from their complex portfolio of high brow musical entertainment. Why select this melody of elite cultural significance today ?  … Continue reading

Video Saturday – August 1972

This is a strange one, I can pinpoint my first migraine issue down to a month and a year simply because Roxy Music caused it, strange but true, picture this… Its one of those hot August school summer holiday days down at the cricket field and there we all are, the Cookridge boys, doing what … Continue reading


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