Video Saturday – October 1995

I freely admit that in 1995 when viewing Oasis my immediate reaction would have been “Do something original, John Lennon has already been and gone” but on the up side it was far, far better than the fledgling phase of the “boy band” or the “girl band” that was making its presence known, particularly in … Continue reading

Video Saturday – Saturday September 17th 1983

And so the day finally dawned, the day of our betrothal, I can’t remember ever agreeing to do it but you don’t just sleepwalk into organising a huge and lavish wedding in one of the UK’s most popular, ostentatious, jet-set resorts, ever, yes I speak of Whitley Bay, what do you mean you’ve never heard … Continue reading

Our Mother Was A Bit Barmy…

Our mother was barmy, it wasn’t her fault for she was born that way, in fact her mother was barmy too in a quaint Irish way, she wasn’t really Irish but she thought she was because somewhere further down the line someone was Irish, but she was barmy and she passed it on to our … Continue reading

Video Saturday – With a Running Theme.

I declare straight from the off here that sporting prowess has eluded me in this current incarnation, whilst my contemporaries at school would eagerly await the two period “Sports” lesson on the school calendar every week I would stare at the word and think, “oh bugger, not sport again, how soon it comes around each … Continue reading

1972, the year that never was.

Its w/e 9th September 1972 or at least it is according to the big dial on the Tardis that I built in my garden shed for the purposes of this here blog anyway and lookee here, Mr Stewart is at #2 in the UK popular beat combo music charts with his second charting single release … Continue reading


Tortoises for fun and profit…

Why would a ten year old boy want to buy himself a tortoise ? There is no rational explanation as to why I did it, I took the profit from selling the four guinea pigs who only had enough good legs between them to make up two guinea pigs and I went and bought a … Continue reading

The Guinea Pig Scandal…

We had lots of pets in our house although we hadn’t originally intended to have quite so many guinea pigs.. When I was around ten years of age I was already earning my own money by selling programmes at Headingley at rugby matches, yes, in our house you had to start early, yes, it probably … Continue reading

So tell me why its “Jerry Chicken” ?

Why ? The question I am asked time and again, “Why Jerry Chicken, its not your real name after all ?” to which there is a two part answer so lets get it out of the way right here and now by taking you back to Leeds in June 1977 with the young me sitting … Continue reading

The Greek Porno Plates of my Mothers.

As well as buying her a lace tablecloth that she didn’t really need but treasured anyway, I bought my mother, in Rhodes, two decorated Greek plates to hang on the wall of the bungalow in Wrenbury Avenue, as if we’d gone all cosmopolitan. She could show off to my posh Auntie Doris is what I … Continue reading

The one about the lace tablecloth…

It was our last day in Rhodes, we scoured the market for gifts to take home to family, Richard and I, traveller pals we were, holidaying in Greece in 1979 at a time when most wouldn’t venture beyond Whitley Bay, “Rhodes?” they’d said to me with puzzled faces when I told them at work, “Where’s … Continue reading


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