Video Saturday – July 1974

Its true that I don’t like to do things the conventional way, if there is an alternative route then I always like to take it even if its longer, more complicated and ultimately pointless, I just like to go that way instead of following the herd, if I was a herd animal then I’d be … Continue reading


Video Saturday – 1969

Picked purely at random, the whole year of UK Popular Beat Combo Music Chart #1 records and there isn’t a bad one amongst them… …including Lily the Pink, …but excluding The Archies, …and those of a sensitive disposition probably shouldn’t watch the last 30 seconds because it might be a bit too much for you … Continue reading

Excerpt from The Tomato Dip

Later that day and after a few lunchtime pints in The Hole in the Wall pub and a nice meat pie from a nearby butchers shop Bob and Brenda are laid out on two towels on Scarboroughs ever popular south bay, amusement arcades, candy and novelty shops behind them and most of the population of … Continue reading


Video Saturday – When the Museum of Recollections starts to close its doors…

I choose this simply because I love the song, I had never heard of Mickey MacConnell until I stumbled upon a random video of the goings-on inside John B. Keane’s bar in County Kerry, seems like a nice place, seem like nice people. “Down in the caverns measureless to man, beside the sunless sea, in … Continue reading


Video Saturday – September 1993 and our own Tour de France

As we stand on the cusp of Le Grand Depart of the Tour de France in our very own fair city today its time to re-open the Museum of Recollections and dig out the substantial file named “Tour de France 1993″, the time that Ned and I traveled to Brittany for our very own Le … Continue reading


Hare Krishna, Love and Peace Man…In London, the 1970s

I’m not sure why we had gone to London that day, it was Miss Harlow’s A Level art group, me and Rick Thorpe and 15 or 20 girls on a bus, or was it a train, the memory grows thin and faded, like trying to view way into the distance on a misty day, looking … Continue reading


Video Saturday – April 1974

I don’t know why I stayed on at school to do “A” levels for I had no intention, no pre-plan, no life ambition of ever doing “A” levels or a need to have them for any future career that I may be considering – for there was no future career that I was considering. In … Continue reading

the twist

Video Saturday – When It All Went Wrong

It was 1977 when the music all went wrong. Until then we’d had a steady progression of fads and phases, mods, rockers, glam-rock, progressive rock, teeny-bop, when you were a teenager in the early 1970s you knew which pigeon hole you sat in and more importantly which pigeon hole other kids sat in, you recognised … Continue reading


Video Saturday – June 1970

Terry Cooper! Look everyone Terry Cooper, TC with sideburns and everything ! Picked entirely at random this morning but picked a cracker, its June 1970 the young JerryChicken is 13 years old and just finishing his second year at Leeds Modern School, end of year exams and all that jazz, end of year report to … Continue reading


Don’t Upset The Neighbours…

We moved to Cookridge in 1964. In those days our street was one of the very last ones in Leeds, walk to the end of our street, turn right and walk for a few minutes more and you were in fields, real countryside with farms and cows and things, its still pretty much the same. … Continue reading


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