So tell me why its “Jerry Chicken” ?

Why ? The question I am asked time and again, “Why Jerry Chicken, its not your real name after all ?” to which there is a two part answer so lets get it out of the way right here and now by taking you back to Leeds in June 1977 with the young me sitting … Continue reading

The Greek Porno Plates of my Mothers.

As well as buying her a lace tablecloth that she didn’t really need but treasured anyway, I bought my mother, in Rhodes, two decorated Greek plates to hang on the wall of the bungalow in Wrenbury Avenue, as if we’d gone all cosmopolitan. She could show off to my posh Auntie Doris is what I … Continue reading

The one about the lace tablecloth…

It was our last day in Rhodes, we scoured the market for gifts to take home to family, Richard and I, traveller pals we were, holidaying in Greece in 1979 at a time when most wouldn’t venture beyond Whitley Bay, “Rhodes?” they’d said to me with puzzled faces when I told them at work, “Where’s … Continue reading

The Brewery in our House

“I’m not quite sure about this you know…” my mother had her doubts, I could tell, you could tell by that worried look on her face, she had her doubts. “Not quite sure about what ?” my father didn’t have much patience with my mother, to be fair he did have a point, she was … Continue reading


Top Ten Memorable Presents That I Bought My Mother

Top Ten memorable presents that I bought my mother, and in true Pick of The Pops fashion, its in reverse order… 10. The lace tablecloth, we all know about the lace tablecloth and its three almost matching napkins, its written here. I thought it was rather nice actually, and very expensive of course, feel the … Continue reading

Video Saturday – And Then I Took Up My First Mortgage…

The Queens in Whitley Bay was my happy home for three years , three years worth of cooked breakfasts every morning, three years of lager for tea, some may suspect that my confused eating habits for life were moulded during my time at The Queens, I don’t know, I was just enjoying myself too much. … Continue reading


Powney’s Palace.

See the house above ? Well its got nothing to do with this tale, but its an example of the type of residence that one occasionally comes across during ones perambulations through North Yorkshire and maybe its the sort of residence that one might aspire to, or not. Our dad once discovered that he had … Continue reading


Video Saturday – July 1974

Its true that I don’t like to do things the conventional way, if there is an alternative route then I always like to take it even if its longer, more complicated and ultimately pointless, I just like to go that way instead of following the herd, if I was a herd animal then I’d be … Continue reading


Video Saturday – 1969

Picked purely at random, the whole year of UK Popular Beat Combo Music Chart #1 records and there isn’t a bad one amongst them… …including Lily the Pink, …but excluding The Archies, …and those of a sensitive disposition probably shouldn’t watch the last 30 seconds because it might be a bit too much for you … Continue reading

Excerpt from The Tomato Dip

Later that day and after a few lunchtime pints in The Hole in the Wall pub and a nice meat pie from a nearby butchers shop Bob and Brenda are laid out on two towels on Scarboroughs ever popular south bay, amusement arcades, candy and novelty shops behind them and most of the population of … Continue reading


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