About this time of year…

It was always about this time of year when our mother would return from one of her regular visits to our posh Auntie Doris’s house clutching a blue A5 page ripped out of a Basildon Bond writing pad from the Post Office, scribbled upon which, in our posh Auntie Doris’s neat hand, would be her … Continue reading


Two weeks in Edinburgh and nothing to do…

The great thing about Google Earth is the ability to revisit the scenes of your own history, to open up the museum of recollections and then zoom into a photographic street map of the location really enhances the history, confirms to you what the museum of recollections is telling you, reminds you that no, you … Continue reading

Destroying Ancient History and The Life and Times of Major Matt Mason.

Life was so much simpler back then… how many times have you heard that, how many times have I written that, well, it was probably true. Just for an example, childcare for working mothers, how much simpler was that back in the day when I wor nobbut a lad ? Much simpler is the answer, … Continue reading

Ford Escort 45 Van

How I spent my early working life…

“Socks four, trousers on, underpants four, shirts two, jumpers one, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, razor…all checked, good to go, over and out” Monday morning 6.45am, location my bedroom at the back of the family bungalow in Leeds, Gola sports bag open in front of me on the bed, I’m ready for yet another week working 100 … Continue reading

Video Saturday – Procol Harum

I hear this song and instantly I’m in the back of my dads Vauxhall Viva, the dark green one, its the August Bank Holiday, the one at the beginning of August like it used to be, its a hot August morning and we’re in a long queue waiting to get into the car park at … Continue reading

Video Saturday – October 1971

In October 2011 I had one of those moments where things just seem to click into place and some order is made of your life, almost as if someone is controlling you like one of those robots we used to see on the telly back in the 1960s, you know, those robots that should be … Continue reading

Video Saturday – October 1995 (2)

The doors were closed, the British Airways 747 was pushed back and the engines started up one by one and I sat in the window seat wondering what the hell I was doing there, the man who was paying for my ticket and for the next seven days at his all-inclusive luxury hotel in Barbados … Continue reading

Video Saturday – October 1995

I freely admit that in 1995 when viewing Oasis my immediate reaction would have been “Do something original, John Lennon has already been and gone” but on the up side it was far, far better than the fledgling phase of the “boy band” or the “girl band” that was making its presence known, particularly in … Continue reading

Video Saturday – Saturday September 17th 1983

And so the day finally dawned, the day of our betrothal, I can’t remember ever agreeing to do it but you don’t just sleepwalk into organising a huge and lavish wedding in one of the UK’s most popular, ostentatious, jet-set resorts, ever, yes I speak of Whitley Bay, what do you mean you’ve never heard … Continue reading

Our Mother Was A Bit Barmy…

Our mother was barmy, it wasn’t her fault for she was born that way, in fact her mother was barmy too in a quaint Irish way, she wasn’t really Irish but she thought she was because somewhere further down the line someone was Irish, but she was barmy and she passed it on to our … Continue reading


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