A Very Important Day…

Exactly eighteen years ago to this very day… well, lets go back just a few hours further…

Exactly eighteen years and one half day to this very day it had been a normal Saturday evening, my very pregnant but not quite yet due wife had been reporting some movement in the baby carrying department, I had shrugged and pointed to the calendar, “Another two weeks yet” is all I said and went to sit outside in the sun with another beer, it was a glorious sunny Saturday afternoon and evening.

We had put Amanda to bed that evening, she was three and a half, we went to bed ourselves, it was a normal weekend, albeit a very pregnant one – and then Jodie decided that enough was enough…

2am I am rudely awakened by the very pregnant wife and told to ring my brother and his wife to enact PLAN A, the precision crafted master plan that the two wives had been working on for some time, I rang them, they were still in their pyjamas when they drove up to the house, what a good job they didn’t get stopped on the way over in the car – they stayed at our house to look after the soundly sleeping Amanda, we left for the hospital.

Jodie was born mid-morning on Sunday 17th May 1992, a Sunday baby just like her sister had been, hair so blond that you couldn’t see it, eyes of ice-blue, the hair has changed colour many times since then, the eyes have not.

I rang home to tell Amanda that she had a new baby sister, “Oh” is all she said, followed by “Uncle Ned broke my bike”, I came home and brought her back down to the hospital later that day, she picked a big bunch of flowers for her mummy and a big pink teddy bear for her new sister from the shop in the hospital foyer, then walked straight past her new sister to tell her mummy that Uncle Ned had broke her bike and Auntie Jenny had told him to buy her a new one, so all was well in the world.

Eighteen years ago today our daughter Jodie was born, a few years later I took the photo above near her grand-dads home in Spain, and here’s a word of warning to all of those of you with young children who read this here stuff that I write – it feels like it was just a couple of years ago that I was trying to make her sit still for the one five hundredths of a second that the camera shutter was set for, its just a couple of years ago, I swear, and now look…


6 thoughts on “A Very Important Day…

  1. Happy birthday to Jodie.

    I suspect you are right and the next 12 years of my daughter’s life will go as fast as the past 6 have done.

    I need to take more photos.

  2. I once had a cute little boy with golden curls.sadly he changed his name to Dave Lister and is now a troll.just as well we no longer live in Leeds or he could be chasing your beautiful daughter !

  3. It certainly does seem to fly by. Or maybe it’s just so chaotic around here I don’t have the time to notice. And I’m only half-way there!

    A very Happy Birthday (a little late).

  4. Many Happy Returns Jodie from me and Auntie Irene. Hope you had a wonderful day.
    (Did Amanda ever get that bike from Uncle Ned?)

  5. Thank you for all the birthday felicitations !

    And yes, I took him to Halfords the next day and made him spend £70 on a new one 🙂

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