Comet customer service…

It must be my face.

Its the face of a person stood at the till in a large electrical retailer that says “this one won’t complain, give him the duff stuff”

It must be the case, its the only explanation I have for recent events at Comet.

Two weeks ago we bought a new TV set for our bedroom, just a small one, nothing too extravagant, just one of those small TVs that they don’t even keep in the warehouse at Comet, you just pick the box up off the shelf and pay for it at the till, they don’t even ask you if you want the extended warranty for it because its so cheap that you’d have to be a muppet to pay double the price to extend its warranty to three years during which time you’ll probably throw it away anyway.

We got it home, plugged it in, let itself tune itself, and then sat down to watch it – it all seemed a bit dark on the left hand side of the screen, in fact it was very dark on the left hand side of the screen, “Turn it up” I commanded of the wife, “I can’t hear it” which isn’t an unusual demand for me to make given that my hearing has admittedly suffered from loud music these past 53 years.

She tried to turn it up, I tried to turn it up, we couldn’t, it was stuck on mute and even throwing the remote at the wall didn’t help.

I took the TV set back to Comet, they asked what was wrong with it, I told them, “Its stuck on mute” they said, “have you tried pressing the mute button again” they said, “Yes I know it is” I said “and yes I have, and no it won’t un-mute” I said.

They changed it for one that did work.

So this weekend we went to buy a new chest freezer (yes our redundancy pay has finally come through, nice of you to ask), and I had to get Ned to take me to Comet to pick it up for of course I have no car of my own now (no, they still won’t give me credit, nice of you to ask, thank you for keeping up with this complicated life story), we brought home the freezer of our choice, stood it in its box on the driveway and removed its packaging of which there was not much.

“Its been damaged” I noted as the first leaf of cardboard packaging came off, “this side is dented quite badly” I added and Ned noted that his side was dented quite badly too.

“Well at least its only going in the garage” I thought, two dented sides isn’t too bad I suppose, and it was quite cheap I suppose, and the truth was that I couldn’t be arsed to take it back.

Or at least I couldn’t be arsed until we opened the lid and one of the hinges fell off because it too had been damaged, and it was around that time that we discovered that because the hinge was damaged the lid didn’t seal properly either, basically if we tried to use this freezer we would be freezing the whole of the garage through it partly open lid, at great expense.

So Ned and I had to take the freezer back to Comet and I had to stand at the desk and tell them why we had brought it back and maybe their forklift driver might have something to say about the matter as it did look suspiciously like he’d used the fork lift grabber attachment to clamp the box exactly where it said “do not use clamps here”, and the manager agreed and he exchanged it without any hassle.

So kudos to Comet, I’ve tested their returns policy twice in two weeks and found it to work perfectly well, no hassles, no tantrums, no desk thumping, just a simple “Can you swap this for us, its damaged” followed by “Yes Sir” – my kind of customer service.

I might try a different store the next time though.


One thought on “Comet customer service…

  1. I once took a Nintendo Wii back to Comet because it didn’t work and the replaced it without complaint.

    I didn’t tell them it didn’t work because Evan had been posting coins through it’s DVD slot though.

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