4 thoughts on “An English Kestrel

  1. Beautiful Gary.

    I have a real soft spot for kestrels ever since I won a handpainted egg with one on it in a school “decorate a easter egg” contest.

  2. Terrific & beautiful, YeeHaa! Now I must go to the art pages to see if it’s one your selling… I think your art work is wonderful…

  3. I haven’t put it on any of the sites for sale yet but if you’re interested I’d be quite happy to part with it and pay the postage to your ranch in a land far, far away for a donation to the Joseph Salmon Trust via Dans Justgiving page.


    As a hint, all I’ll say is that I usually sell the paintings for £70 (or whatever that is in your currency) on the Artgallery.com web site 🙂

    Please let me know if you’re interested, my email is gary.kitchen08@btinternet.com

    PS – That goes for anyone else and any other painting that I post on here, if its not already sold then push some money in Dans direction and I’ll post it off to you.

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