Video Saturday – The Strawbs

Ahhh, 1973, such sophistication, such glamour, such fashion, we all thought we looked ace by the simple act of growing our hair long and trying to grow a moustache as demonstrated with various levels of success by the band The Strawbs.

I was in a union once, just for a few weeks, the electricians union led by Frank Chapple.

I think it was Eugene the Estimator who told me that I should join the electricians union despite my protests that I wasn’t an electrician, I was office staff, traditional arch-enemy of the actual electricians.

“No” is all he said, “You should be a member, I am” and with that he handed me a form to complete, he posted it and then I was a member.

“Welcome to the Union of Electricians” is what the letterhead said as I received it a few weeks later, “Now if you’ll just send us a postal order for your first months subscriptions…”

Pay ?

No-one told me you had to pay to be in the union, I ignored them.

A few weeks later they sent me a reminder, then another one, they were starting to get quite officious by this time so I wrote back to them,

“Dear Mr Chapple” is what I wrote, “there seems to have been some mistake, for I was unaware that I had to pay you with my own money in order to join your union, anyway, thing is, I’ve changed my mind, I don’t want to be a part of the union anymore, and anyway, I’m not even an electrician”.

I never heard another word from them, they obviously wrote me off as some sort of lunatic.


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