How British is BP and why has no-one told Obama ?

With Obama making his third visit to the Gulf to kick BP in the teeth with rebel-rousing rhetoric and constant references to “BRITISH Petroleum”, just how British is BP ?

First things first – it’s not called British Petroleum any more, and hasn’t been since 2000 after they merged with two American companies Amoco and Arco – the company name is BP – no-one seems to have told Obama that yet or could he be trying to divert attention away from the fact that this is actually a very American problem ?

At the company share level 40% in the company are registered in Britain, 39% are American, in the board room six directors are British, six are American, the CEO is British but the Chairman is Swedish.

BP employs 22000 Americans but only 10000 British workers, it has nine times the number of filling stations in the USA compared to GB and five refineries in America with none in GB and most importantly $4.2 billion of BP profits will go to American investors and pension funds this year.

The Deepwater Horizon rig is an American rig staffed by Americans and the well head that failed was American made leaving the company (BP) who oversaw and sub-let the operation as the scapegoat, the fact that the main contractor was, on the face of it, a British company has only made a convenient hook for the politicians to hang the blame on.

Which is why Obama places so much emphasis on the word BRITISH when he talks to his population about this disaster, but even the faintest of scratches beneath the surface of this whole murky mess shows that he is playing the card game known as “Be the hard guy, find a scapegoat, make sure its a foreigner”, we foreigners expected so much from him, we thought he would be different, would make a difference, it would be a disappointment to find that actually he is just your average run of the mill bullshitting politician.

Factual source from The Times right here – (you may have to register to read that link)


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