Video Saturday – Frank

Take away the tuxedo, the bow tie and replace with a Pierre Cardin shirt that he bought cheap from someone who knows someone who knows a man who can get them cheap, any colour, fit him up with a pair of “slacks” in a light coloured material that fasten with a white belt somewhere across his chest, and some slip-on shoes also light with a gold buckle across the front, slip a pink comb in his back pocket with some paper money wrapped around it, take away the orchestra and replace with his mate Mike the Organist in The Traffic Lights pub in Benidorm – and you have Frank my Dad, same style, same phrasing, same ad-libbing lyrics – but Sinatra didn’t double park his car in the no-parking zone outside the Traffic Lights, have to take eye drops for glaucoma, and drive home to his apartment at 4am with tunnel vision and a stomach full of beer, but apart from that…

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