Time to get this show on the road…

Just a reminder to those who wish to come along with us (places still available), the very excellent Its All downhill From Here Lads web site is now up and running with full details on what to do, where, and how to spend your money.

All contributions to the fund are welcome, we haven’t set up our own JustGiving page this year as we’re using the main site for the Hadrians Walkers as created by the excellent Dan of AllThatComesWithIt, please click here to go straight to the donation page, we’ll be very grateful.

And if you are one of those people for whom reading about people going through torture is not sufficient to part you with your money then try clicking here instead and buy some raffle tickets with some very excellent prizes in aid of the fund, I know they are very excellent because Dan told me they are, and he knows that they are very excellent because he’s been using them for ages.

If you are interested in joining us on the bike ride then send me an email at gary.kitchen08@btinternet.com, full details of the torture that will enfold over the next three weeks will be available on Its All Downhill from Here Lads and of course please consider donating or entering the raffle at HadriansWalk.org

Many Thanks.

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