Every bald head should have one…

There is simply no excuse but to go straight to http://www.justgiving.com/hadriansmerchandise and order one of the extremely stylish, trendsetting and just fab baby Hadrians Walk Buffs.

What the hell is a buff I hear you cry

Well, this article in the cosmopolitan and first-with-the-fashion-news Huddersfield Examiner tells you everything you need to know, this bit right here

And of course Dan explains all with the aid of illustrations at no extra cost just right here

All of the proceeds from the sale of the Buffs go straight to the charity, thats ALL of the proceeds because the Buffs were donated free to the cause, there should be no other reason to prompt you to buy one but here is the ultimate one that will surely tip the balance – I’m buying one too.

Buy one or be square this summer, you know you want one really…


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