An Important Message

Please click this link and leave this blog immediately, it contains some important information , really, I mean it.

In a few days time 60 bloggers from all over the world will set off on a six day hike across Hadrians Wall, then next weekend I and eight others will ride our bikes across the same route in a day and a half and its for stories like the one that I linked to (above) that we are all drawn to do this (what do you mean you’re still reading this, I told you to click the link)

If you have a few pounds spare this week then please support the Joseph Salmon Trust by following the links in that article, drop a few quid in the JustGiving account or better still buy some raffle tickets and you may well be rewarded with a prize – and of course who can forget the t-shirts and magnificent Buffs, I have one in my possession and boy do I look cute wearing it in an Ena Sharples stylee, you’ll all want one when they hit the catwalks but you won’t be able to grab a Hadrians Walk Buff anywhere but via Dans blog site.

Please support this worthy cause.


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