The Old Gits go cycling again…

ooooh this is going to be good, I just know its going to be good, The Old Gits are going cycling again.

Last year we cycled coast to coast, Workington to Sunderland in memory of one of our gang of old mates who passed away last March, full story here it still makes water in my eyes, anyway it was unanimously decreed by The Old Gits that we should do it again this year, and we all said that was good.

Then, early in 2010 along came Dan, from Allthatcomeswithit and his stupid idea to walk the width of this here country of ours in order to raise a big number of money for the excellent Joseph Salmon Trust, keep up with these links will you I go to a lot of trouble writing this rubbish you know.

After Dan suggested that I walk along the length of Hadrians Wall with them I laughed as hard as a thing that laughs very hard indeed, a hyena perhaps, or one of those sailor’s in a glass case on a pier where you put one penny in the slot and it laughs very hard, the sort of laughing hard where someone would say “My, he’s laughing hard isn’t he ?”

So I mentioned that The Old Gits might wish to ride the same distance on the Hadrians Wall cycle path but as we cycle a tad faster than they walk we would offset our ride to their walk by five days and…

Are you still paying attention ?

Anyhoo, here we are now, the incredible Hadrians Walkers are on their second to last day and they will be totally shagged by now, The Old Gits haven’t even set off yet, we won’t be until tomorrow morning at stupid o’clock for a 10am start in Carlisle for a quick 55 mile sprint across country before spending Saturday in beer in Newcastle and then the last thirty or so miles on Sunday morning – I think we got the best part of the deal, I tried to tell them but they insisted on walking it.

Of course there is a slight problem – our cycle route takes us into mad-escaped-gunman-on-the-loose territory so we won’t be stopping to pick up hitch-hikers and if I don’t post anything here on Monday morning will you be so kind as to ring the police and tell them that Raul Moat has probably got himself a bike now ?


Please support the Joseph Salmon Trust by buying a couple of raffle tickets


3 thoughts on “The Old Gits go cycling again…

  1. I have so enjoyed your posts, hope you keep them coming. Good luck on the ol guys bike ride, can’t wait for the adventure stories to follow…

  2. Hope it went well and you had as amazing a time as we did. Wouldn’t fancy cycling up some of those hills though; it was bad enough walking up them. ;D

  3. I only did the flat bits 🙂

    They tell me that the hills weren’t all that bad this year, last year we did Workington to Sunderland (I did all of that) and climbing out of the Lake District and then over the Pennines was just torture.

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