Conquering Heroes

Well thats another Coast to Coast route done and dusted and the consensus of opinion is that the Hadrians Wall route was nowhere near as tough as the original Workington/Sunderland C2C journey that we partook of last year – its fifty miles shorter for a start.

Haven’t had chance to do the final accounts yet and won’t have until I get back home at the end of this week, likewise the photos we took will have to wait, but the scenery was spectacular and the weekend was as excellent as we had expected it to be, roll on next year for the Coast & Castles route through Northumberland, the funding format for which we trialed successfully this time.

And Rod the Medic did not disappoint again, last year he was the only one to fall off which he did right at the finish line while trying to light a cigarette – this year he fell in spectacular style right on Newcastles Quayside and took out a dopey fisherman too – he didn’t just fall off, he hit the dopey fisherman (who had wandered in front of the speeding medic) sent him skittling along the quayside and then took a flyer himself as his bike cartwheeled for several yards resulting in grazed hands and knees that needed no medical care and an idiot fisherman who hopefully learned something from the incident. 

And me ?

It was 88 miles, start to finish, and I cycled all but 66 of them, well someone had to drive the support vehicles and take all the photos 🙂

To those who could not make it at the last minute, you missed a great weekend, be with us next year, it’ll be even better.

3 thoughts on “Conquering Heroes

  1. The day will come when your all rich & famous. Well actually you are rich in friendship, and your blog is famous with quite a few of us.
    Keep up the good works.

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