Pennine Farm (2)

I’ve been a busy painting person these past few weeks.

I’ve also been busy trying to get to grips with photographing my stuff in sufficient quality and DPI and pixels and all that guff so that Deviant Art will accept my images and hopefully sell some prints of them – I could become the highest earning jigsaw artist in the world, you never know…

All I need to do now is to find the original painting of “Port Mahon” that I did some years ago, for some completely inexplicable reason it gets by far the most number of hits on this blog, day after day, week after week, at least ten times the number of hits that any other page gets – if you search for “Port Mahon” on Google Images you’ll get that image as the #1 hit, and I haven’t a clue why, that blog page is the only place on the internet that I know of where it exists, believe me, I keep looking for the Menorcan Tourist Board to see if they’ve nicked it.

Now if I could get it on Deviant Art you’d all have a coffee mug with it printed on in no time at all…

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