Video Saturday – Abba, yes really !

Sometimes real talent is lost on the young, a diet of  X Factor winners tends to spoil the appetite.

In the 1970s it was not cool at all to proclaim that you liked anything that Abba produced, sure they sold trillions of records but take a random poll on any street in any town and you wouldn’t find anyone who would put their hands up and admit to spending their own money on an Abba album – ok maybe that girl with the very bright blue eye shadow on but that was a giveaway wasn’t it…

And yet with the knowledge gained of thirty years you can occasionally glance back at a time when two Swedish blokes got their very attractive wives to stand up and sing some songs wot they had wrote, and you have to admit that sometimes they came up with some classic stuff, often poignant ballads like this one and its no secret that the two ugly members of Abba wrote their best stuff when they were arguing like hell with the two gorgeous ones.


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