Video Saturday – The Fresh Fruit Song

We could submit this one to Dan of Kids Telly fame as this is a wonderful example of the sort of lunacy that we British kids had on our specialist Kids Telly programmes back in the 60s and 70s, Spike Milligans Q series being targeted specifically at the 5.30pm childrens TV slot.

But mainly this song reminds me of those nights of my youth being spent in The Merry Monk pub in Kirkstall playing doms with some of the dads in there, drinking lots of beer, snorting snuff and listening to them recite the words to this song – the farting song as they preferred to call it.

It was a song of their youth and they realised pretty quickly that it wasn’t really a nice little song about a fruit seller vending his wares on the street but a song about farting and at least once a week in The Merry Monk one of the dads around the doms table would raise his arse ever so slightly off the padded bench to pearl out a rasper and follow up with “Eat more fruit !” or “Everything fresh to-day”

Ah yes, sophisticated times indeed.


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