What a pleasant life this is

According to the BBC I share my birthday today with two “famous” people, Anastacia and Flo Rida, and I’m sure their reaction to sharing their birthdays with me is the same as mine to sharing with them – “Who they ?”

A couple of days off work is my own self appointed reward for reaching 54 years, a very pleasant sunny day spent in Haworth, home of The Bronte sisters, yesterday followed by dinner at an equally pleasant Baildon Moor pub, and today as the rest of the family return to their work I shall spend the day painting as is my want.

I’m about halfway in my life at the moment and I have to say, its all been remarkably pleasant.


4 thoughts on “What a pleasant life this is

  1. Just made it in time to Wish you a Happy Birthday and hope the year ahead is a good one! I suggest you stick with Jerry as Anastacia or Flo Rida are not really your colour! 😉

  2. Happy Birthday Gary!! You also share your day with Kevin Clash, or perhaps better known as “Elmo”! Personally, I can’t stand the annoying fellow!! Just the same, best wishes for another pleasant 54!!

  3. Thank you !

    And for the record, I got the things that I bought for myself, I got a generic greetings card for a small boy from one daughter (last one in a bargain box she’d bought years ago) an apology for no card at all from the other daughter and nothing at all from the wife – and was delighted with all of those things. I work on the principle of “Don’t waste money on me, if I want it I’ll buy it myself”.

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