The Truth Behind The Song – 1

© gary kitchen 2010

“I know what the people sing, I know what they’re thinking, but y’know, when all is said and done, I was a kid, y’know, I mean, I wasn’t even that keen on that rascal Puff, the friendship was kinda just one way, know what I mean, him dying like that – it was nothing to do with me man, I just moved on y’know?”

Even after all these years little Jackie Paper feels no remorse.


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5 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Song – 1

  1. Oh, nostalgia! I have an iPod playlist of nostalgic tracks, starting with ones that I remember from weekend mornings when my mother was playing Ed ‘Stewpot’ Stewart on the radio as she prepared breakfast. This is one such track – Morningtown Ride is another.

  2. We recently bought an illustrated book of the song. It ends with the clear visual inference that Puff finds a new friend, a little girl, possibly Jackie Paper’s daughter. Clever, but a bit of a cop out.

  3. Thats not right is it ?
    “Green scales fell like rain” it definitely says that in the song, the dragon dies, magic or not, toughen up the kids with the proper ending.

  4. I would have preferred it if Puff had found a new friend and the song had a happy ending. Not Jackie Paper’s daughter though, she’s probably just like her Dad and breaks his heart again like he did.

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