A wonderful pub music quiz question…

What was wrong with each of the following in the song ‘Lily The Pink’? One point for each correct answer.

a. Jennifer Eccles
b. Mr. Freers
c. Old Ebineezer
d. Johnny Hammer
e. Auntie Millie
f.  Brother Tony

Answers tomorrow, when I get back from Birmingham

3 thoughts on “A wonderful pub music quiz question…

  1. off the top of my head with no recourse to google:

    a) Terrible Freckles
    b) Sticky out ears
    c) Sneezer?
    d) Stammer
    e) Went willy nilly?
    f) Skinny and Boney?

  2. Thing about pub songs is that depending on where you are — there are many different versions.

    Here goes —

    A. Eccles had melanoma
    B. Freers had a pachidermal type of disorder
    C. Ebineezer was a paronoid schizophrenic
    D. Hammer a speech impediment
    E. Millie had poor circulation probably due to diabetes and lost her legs
    F. Tony was anorexic

  3. Just before I dash off, I like Eds version, the rhyming doesn’t scan properly but it makes more sense from a nonsense song (worthy of Edward Lear was the original)

    For the record…

    a. Terrible freckles
    b. Sticky-out ears
    c. Thought he was Julius Caesar
    d Had a terrible st-st-st-st-stammer
    e Ran willy-nilly
    f Was known to be bony

    So Ed actually got the first, fourth and last ones correct…

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