The National Lottery

Homer Simpson moment…

Sitting at the computer on Wednesday evening Suzanne comes in with a lottery ticket and throws it on the desk, this is normal, this means “check this ticket to see if I won anything”.

So I check it on the National Lottery web site against Saturdays draw.

She’s got two numbers on the ticket, close but not close enough, I screw up the ticket into a tight ball and throw it in the bin.

She sees what I’m doing and asks me what I’m doing.

“Two numbers” I say, “Close but not close enough”

“Its for tonights draw” she tells me.

I retrieve it from the bin and unscrew it up.

Three numbers on Wednesdays draw it got, one number short of four, still thats £10 she’ll have all to herself and a “DOH!!!” moment for me.

I just hope that when she wins the zillion pound draw that I can see her for the dust because I’ve never seen any of the handful of £10’s that she’s won so far.

One thought on “The National Lottery

  1. See the thing is “it could be you” but it probably won’t be. I think most people cottoned on and realised it probably won’t be so there is less people doing it these days.

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