Video Saturday – Chas and Dave

The wonderful Chas and Dave, and Mick on drums of course, strangely the TV audience don’t seem to know a dance to do to this one.

I offer this song to all those who will be haunted by pesky kids knocking at the door this weekend demanding tricks or treats – simply open the door in your string vest with braces slack and yell a hearty “Gertcha” at them, works every time.

The ASBO expires on Jan 1st.



2 thoughts on “Video Saturday – Chas and Dave

  1. Thank you!

    Thanks for introducing me to Chas and Dave. It truly makes me
    know what a “larf” is. ‘You Tubed’ their other songs and almost fell off my chair laughing. Kept singing “Gertcha” over and over in my head, never tired of it.
    Reminded me of my Grandfather who was a crusty old curmudgeon.
    Just one of many talents and artists that you’ve shown me since discovering your site.

    After a long day at the shop, first thing after dinner is your blog.
    Never fails to amuse or enlighten.
    I so enjoy it because your humor and generation is the same as mine.
    Are you a fan of Frank Zappa? Great musician and humorist.

    Thanks again,


    Skokie, Illinois, USA

  2. You’re more than welcome and thank you for the kind words.

    Frank Zappa I never got into, but I’ll look up some of his stuff on Spotify when I get home at the weekend and let you know.

    I used the word Gertcha! last night on the hundreds of kids who came to the door doing the halloween thing but my wife wouldn’t let me answer it so she wasted loads of sweets on them and there was none left for me later, Gertcha!

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