Why Bonfire Night ?

So, Bonfire Night then, in as few words as possible.

England 1605, James 1st is King and being a right bastard to Catholics

Robert Catesby, a Catholic (boooo, in panto style) decides to rid the world of King James, finds 13 friends to agree with him, and lots of gunpowder, in 36 small barrels.

They need an idiot, one who can be rented cheaply, they find Guy Fawkes, a mercenary soldier who rented himself out cheaply to anyone who needed an idiot.

The gunpowder plotters all fled London and left Fawkes the idiot to plant the gunpowder in a cellar underneath the Houses of Parliament ready for the opening of said Parliament on Nov 5th

A tip off results in the Kings soldiers catching Fawkes red handed setting the fuses

He is tried for treason, hung drawn and quartered, and erm, thats it.

And so its for that flimsy excuse of English history that on every Nov 5th we build bonfires and toss an effigy of Guy Fawkes onto it, everyone does, its the law (no really it is still an old statute), and we set off fireworks on the flimsiest of excuses that, well, they were in the shops round about this time of year so why not, and we eat parkin.

What ?

You don’t eat parkin anywhere outside of Yorkshire, indeed you don’t know what parkin is outside of Yorkshire ?

Your loss.

Guy Fawkes was a Yorkshireman.


One thought on “Why Bonfire Night ?

  1. I didn’t know what parkin was until a Peter Kay quip a few years back. In bakers “how much is parkin?” “£4 an hour”.

    Asides: I saw Peter Kay again last night, formuliac but quite brilliant. The more I know about Britain the less Great it is. However whenever I find something good about this country there is often a Quaker in there simwhete.

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