A busy weekend

You know,the problem with working at home is that you can’t take a day off, what am I going to do, ring the boss in Birmingham and say “I’m not going to sit at the table today because I’ve caught a cold”

Somewhere during this weekend I came into contact with someone who had a cold and was gracious enough to want to pass it on to me, and we had a busy weekend,,,

Leaving Birmingham with Ned in his car at 3.30pm on Friday was a good start, its two and a half to three hours home on a Friday night and we had a bonfire to attend, Steve the Pyromaniac’s bonfire no less, what better person to organise a bonfire than someone who has not one spare piece of wood in his garden because he loves burning things ?

The M1 in Nottingham was a four lane car park and when that finally got moving the M1 at Sheffield was a three lane car park. I’d stupidly decided to collect my old car from the engineer who was now using it before he went on holiday the next day so we turned off the M1 outside of Leeds to head five miles up the M62 to Bradford, yes, another four lane car park having crawled along for  forty minutes we finally found ourselves in Odsal, Bradford, only to get caught in a huge traffic queue for a big bonfire, yes we’d almost forgotten, it was bonfire night.

Twenty minutes later we were at the front of the queue and surprised everyone by driving straight past the car park and onwards – only two more miles to go now, what could possibly go wrong ?

A serious road accident right at the top of the street we wanted to go down thats what, the police had the road closed and sent us off on a diversion that managed to get us lost – half past seven it was when we finally picked the car up, thats just four hours from Birmingham, the train would do it in exactly half the time, I could probably have walked most of it quicker.

So I was late for the Friday night bonfire at Steves, but the Saturday night bonfire at our house that was really Amanda’s belated birthday party (she hates the fact that her birthday clashes with Halloween) at least did not require me to travel anywhere, only to keep the fire stoked up all night and to let off the fireworks for the gathering of 22 year olds as if they were still 5 years of age – “Now stand well back everyone, be careful with that sparkler, everyone say “ooooh” and “aaaaah”, don’t start on the vodka shots just yet…” ok so I never had to use that last phrase when they were 5 years old.

And somewhere along the way I picked up this cold and so spent all of yesterday with a sore, very sore throat and today its going to be miserable – but at least we won the lottery again.

Checked the Euromillions lottery last night and we have £5.40 to collect on the ticket today, thats the third time in four weeks that we’ve won on the Euromillions, I know its everyone’s dream to win the £100,ooo,ooo prize but actually I’ll be quite happy winning it in weekly installments like we’re doing now, I reckon we could probably retire on our Euromillion winnings in about, ooooh, forty years.


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