A House Guest

We have a new houseguest, his name is Rollo, he stands about eight inches to the shoulder, has two inch legs, a flat hairy face, is six months old and just about housetrained and has the energy levels of a thousand wild horses fleeing from a particularly loud and scary thunderstorm.

Rollo is a Lhasa Apso dog and he is staying with us in the short term while his owner sorts a few personal things out, we are his new foster parents and twelve years of having a lazy Golden Retriever who’s most energetic effort every day is to chew his food has not prepared us for Rollo and his incredible energy levels.

His interaction with Jake is interesting, Jake would happily completely ignore him and tries his best to do just that, Jake who has not barked in years, has never been known to show any sign of aggression at all, ever, today snarled and snapped at Rollo while the little dog was hanging off one ear having been tormenting Jake for ten minutes, Lhaso’s prefer to be a dominant dog and this one is trying it on at every opportunity – its fun watching a tiny little ball of tangled fluff try to dominate a big retriever who is four time his size though.

We’re doing all the usual dog training stuff, he eats last after Jake, he walks behind us into a room, he is scolded at every bad thing and praised at every good thing, he has a “time out” place in the kitchen where he goes when he has done something wrong (he doesn’t like that), but he is hard work, you wouldn’t believe how much effort goes into looking after something so small.

According to Wiki the Lhaso is a Tibetan dog, one of the oldest breeds in the world, and was bred by Tibetan monks as companion and guard dogs, it explains his incredibly thick and fluffy coat. He is supposed to be a good companion to bigger dogs as the Lhaso’s were used inside the monastery’s while bigger guard dogs were used outside – we’ll let Jake decide on that one though – and he is supposed to be a very faithful and fearless guardian.

We put the fearless bit to the test yesterday when Jodie brought out the vacuum cleaner, having lived his first six months in student lodgings he has obviously never seen one before as at the first noise he scooted off across the room and tried to hide behind the TV set, I say tried to because he got stuck between the dvd player and the TV stand leaving his little fluffy arse sticking out and two back legs wiggling vainly in the air – hilarious and oh how we laughed but he really was terrified of the vacuum cleaner, so would I be if I were small enough to be sucked up off the floor by it.

I’ve tried to get a photo of him but he won’t sit still long enough so here’s one of him when he stayed here four months ago…


2 thoughts on “A House Guest

  1. He sounds a bit like some folk’s and their grandchildren… fun to visit with once in a while, but happy to see them go home again! I too am watching my neighbor’s dogs as they are off to Disneyland for the Thanksgiving holiday. Seven pure-bread Pomeranians mind you, that I feed, water, play a brief game of ball with and then return in the evening to put in to their own special beds. They are balls of fluff that never cease barking and jumping!! Goodness!! I breathe a sigh upon coming home to our own “mixed-bread” pup. She has her own tiny wee door to the back garden, and knows how to use it too!

  2. He’s calming down a bit now, a bit of attention and some order to the day is what he needs, he’s lived in a student house for the first 9 months of his life, students that come and go through the house literally 24 hours a day, no wonder he’s confused.

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