Video Saturday – Damien Rice

If this isn’t an argument in favour of plain, simple live music played by real live musicians who can both write and perform music and not care that they don’t look like the nicest shiny-est cherry in the bowl, if this is not an argument for content over presentation (every time) then I don’t know what is, all three musicians presenting a harmony of laid-back-ness and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Isn’t a solo cello the most soulful instrument ?

Take note SYCO TV


One thought on “Video Saturday – Damien Rice

  1. I saw Damien Rice supporting another artist (Kathrine Williams I think) around 8-9 years ago when he was just starting out.

    He is the only support act that I have immediately gone out and bought the album for straight after the gig. He was stunning live.

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