On The Easel Today…

Acrylic on canvas, 40cm x 40cm

Its sort of a real view, its sort of based on Hunger Hills near us, a place where we all used to go sledging on snow days, but actually its just a made up scene in an attempt to finally crack the nut of “painting snow”, the fourth or fifth abortive attempt this winter for me to paint a snow scene – its incredibly hard, snow isn’t white you know.

Its now at a point where another half hour will finish it or ruin it and I’m stuck for which way to go, the space to the right needs something and the trees in the background need a bit more detail, and it was supposed to be a bit more abstract, by this weekend it will either be on ArtGallery.co.uk or in the bin, thats how its going these days.


6 thoughts on “On The Easel Today…

  1. I used to hate doing skies, I’ve got the secret now – a big brush !

    A big 2″ or even 4″ brush and hardly any paint and just waft it lightly around, they all turn out the same but it works !

  2. Does seem like the right side needs…? If I hold my hand over the right side, everything else works. Hope to see the finished piece posted.

  3. Ah well, this one got binned tonight, just wasn’t working and I still haven’t painted a successful snowscape yet 😦

    Now have to get on with Robs cat – he’s expecting to give it as a christmas present and I haven’t even looked at it yet

  4. Theres going to be a cull on my Artgallery site soon, if you want a random painting for nowt just ask, I’ll gladly ship it to a good home, the alternative is the bin these days having run out of cupboard room.

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