Making things up…

50cm x 20cm  Acrylic on box mounted canvas

Two cheap box mounted canvas’s (£1.50 each), ten minutes spare time whilst on xmas holiday and two made up views, the top one was supposed to be a field with a hill in the background, but then the sea appeared, it works like that sometimes.


2 thoughts on “Making things up…

  1. I like these – especially Dune 1. If it is anything like the way I paint, then yes it is ‘made up’ but it is also the result of fifty years of looking. And thank God, no people by the shore

  2. You’re right, if you’re lucky the mood is right and you paint without even thinking, sometimes something comes out the other end.

    I did think about a deckchair in the second one but that was the point at which the voice says “too much, stop right now” 🙂

    The reality of the light blue skyline in the second one isn’t as harsh as it looks on the photo or that one would be in the bin by now !

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