Video Saturday – Pink Floyd

April 1973, the young Jerrychicken is 16 years of age, he has hair (such a novelty), long hair cut into that shaggy style that is so of that time, in his case it is shaggy because he uses a pair of scissors that belong in his mothers dressmaking box of tools and implements, not that she has ever made any dresses but she has the tools to do so ready for when the urge takes her, she has middle class pretensions and having a dressmakers box is only one part of this sham.

So the teenage Jerrychicken cuts his hair in the bathroom trying to get the hang of cutting the hair of a mirror image of himself and he makes an arse of it every time, compounded by the fact that he is using a pair of dressmakers scissors that cut a sawtooth line in fabric for making special effect borders – his hair is cut into clumps of sawtooth hair and all his friends think it looks so cool when its all spiked up with half a pint of Silvikrin hair spray and must have cost a fortune to have it cut like that at a trendy hair stylist.

Its his O level year and if he tries really hard it may be possible for him to get a few half-good results, the culmination of your entire school career the O levels are the thing that will get you “a good job” or so his mother keeps telling him, that and a haircut like the one he has he tells himself, but unfortunately three months before he takes those exams the band Pink Floyd release their seminal album “Dark Side of the Moon”, he borrows it from Dave Maud the class hippy and tape records it so as to not have to buy it himself and from this point on every evening is spent sat close to the tape deck with a huge pair of headphones on listening in awe instead of revising.

It was Pink Floyds fault that I got rubbish results in my O levels.

I have stuck to that story for the best part of 40 years and will not be swayed in that opinion – last week I found the CD of Dark Side of the Moon in the garage, these days I can play it through a surround sound system with a huge floor vibrating bass woofer – I have totally wasted my Christmas holiday playing and replaying the album and I apologise not for having done so, such a magnificent way to waste two weeks.


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