Video Saturday – Paul Simon

Just one of his best songs ever, and strangely appropriate 35 years later.

I do recall his appearance on this Parkinson show, it was painful. Parkinson was always shown after Match of the Day at almost exactly the same time that we’d be staggering in from a Saturday night at the pub, Parkinson was what you watched before you went to bed, watched it through a beer haze with perhaps a mug of black coffee and a slab of our mothers inedible cake.

Paul Simon was an interview that I wanted to watch but Paul Simon didn’t really “get” the chat show format, was painfully reluctant to talk about anything, certainly wouldn’t talk about Art Garfunkel at all, would only answer questions on a subject that he felt comfortable with which was writing music, unfortunately his answers to all of Parky’s questions involved the technical aspects of chord changes and modulations which were about as fathomable to your drunken self as Einstein’s logic.

Then he got up and sang this song and you realised that he might not be a talker but he is one hell of a performer and all that crap that he spouted earlier about how he writes songs, well, it sort of works doesn’t it ?

And for those on the excellent Spotify here is an early demo of that very song…

Paul Simon – American Tune (Unfinished Demo) – Previously Unissued

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