We nicked the mayor today mum…

Great local news story here, this is what local newspapers were invented for  http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/Children-with-speed-cameras-pull.6697886.jp

The local Police go into primary schools to lecture young children on road safety and how to keep themselves safe with traffic around and as part of that they can sometimes invite the children outside and show them how their hand held speed cameras work, and if they are really good then some of the kids get to hold the speed detectors and check approaching vehicles themselves, especially as the zone outside most schools is 30mph max.

So the police take some pupils from Intake Primary School and they stand on the pavement outside their school and they show them how the speed detectors work and one of the motorists is recorded approaching at 33mph, and so the police officer stops the driver to show the kids how they deal with speeding motorists.

And when the driver tells the officer his name its discovered that the speeding miscreant is no other than – the town mayor.

Oh how they must have laughed back at the police station, and probably in the school staff room too.

The mayor didn’t think it was funny though, he’s written to the Chief Constable to ask him why children are being taken out of school to engage in such activity.

As part of the road safety project the children are often asked to design posters, in some areas of Leeds these posters have been printed onto metal plates and fixed to railings and lamp posts – they are very good too.

I wonder what the pupils of Intake Primary School will use as a subject on their posters ?


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