Posting this week

WordPress doesn’t like it when you try and use it on an unsecured public wireless network like I am doing right now in my hotel room – yes I’m staying at the Irish Mens Workhouse again this week, a 1903 grand building in the Gothic style built to provide lodgings for around 900 single immigrant men in this area of Brum for 6d per night (thats two and a half pence in todays language).

Your 6d bought you a bed with horsehair mattress in a small cubicle, a dining hall with free use of cooking ranges and cutlery, a smoking room and library, washrooms and a tailor, barber and boot repairer on site, nothing else like it around here at that time and it was constantly fully booked so much so that this area is still very much Irish influenced.

Today it is still a grand building if a little scuffed around the edges, ceilings so high you can barely see them, long wide corridors and huge public rooms, it doesn’t get very good comments on the likes of TripAdvisor where people like to complain about every little paint chip but for me it has one very excellent attraction – its breakfasts.

Breakfast is a self service affair and believe me I serve myself to excess, do you really think I’m the sort of person who gets embarrassed about going back to the buffet tables time and again ?


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