The sort of film review you don’t get in polite company

I have to say, The Kings Speech is a fookin good film and if it doesn’t win a fistful of Oscars then The Academy know fook-all about their craft.

I “borrowed” it tonight, happened to find it had somehow found its way onto my laptop, really don’t know how that happened at all, however I clicked it to see if it would run, it did, I reached to switch it off but couldn’t, thought I’d just watch the five minutes then and two hours later I’m watching the very last credit roll off the screen.

It takes a lot to get me to watch a film all the way through, “The Changeling” managed to do it last Saturday and “The Kings Speech” has done it tonight, I thoroughly recommend it to the house.

And no, I don’t know ho it got here.



5 thoughts on “The sort of film review you don’t get in polite company

  1. If you like a historical drama with believable characters and no-one dies (apart from George V of course) in an explosion or gunfire then its well worth watching.

    On the other hand if you prefer your films to have super heroes, bombs, explosions or car chases/crashes every five minutes and a plot line that can be written in fewer words than this post that I’m making – then watch some shite from Hollywood.

  2. I would like to see it…thanks for the review. Will go in search of.
    Bye the bye, are you in a depression? Just wondering, new blog face doesn’t seem like You.

  3. Depressed ?

    No, I just like the colours 🙂

    When the whole world is taking Prozac I’ll be the one sitting in the corner still grinning like an idiot.

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