Sleep well tonight folks…

For those of you of a UK residence there is a brand new facility provided by HM Government in partnership with your local constabulary showing you just how much crime there is in your area – you can even zoom in right down to street level and click on each incident to see what was involved, how excellent, sleep tight in your beds tonight won’t you .

It doesn’t go far enough for my liking though, its still a very dry, drab typical government information facility, a bit like all of those “This is a government announcement” TV advertisements that used to plague Saturday lunchtime TV just before Grandstand came on, “Don’t swim in deep ponds kids” or “Hold your talking cat’s hand when you cross the road”, that sort of thing.

If Google got hold of this web facility they’d jazz it up a bit with Streetview for starters, zoom in and see the actual house where the ASBO offender lives, maybe even a short video of him leaving the house with him unpixelated for a change, they could even access the police files and post crime scene photos , “Click here to see the space where Mr Higgins’ car should be” or get hold of the street cctv coverage, “Click here to see the old woman being mugged in full colour if a little blurry”.

Although it wasn’t specifically a crime I’d also like to see cctv footage on that site of the incident last year when Ash’s off licence got ram raided just around the corner from us, he came to unlock the shop one morning to find a Ford Fiesta parked inside his window and his counter smashed to match wood, he’d already called the Police when the 90 year old lady who lives across the road came running over as fast as her 90 year old legs could convey her to tell him how sorry she was but she was sure she’d left the parking brake on when she’d put the car on her driveway and had it caused much damage, did Ash think she should call her insurance company or what ?

What concerns me most though about that information is that the council estate just over the hill from us seems to have a lot of incidents which have been classified as “other crime”. Given that there are lots of categories for all the common crimes I’m finding myself wondering what the hell they are doing over there that can’t be classified using one of the standard descriptors, what does “other crime” mean and does it involve sheep ?

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