Free Movies !

Stuck for something to watch tonight ?

Nothing on TV, just re-runs of those “fly on the wall” airport/street cleaner/police documentaries on the cable/satellite ?

Well, have a look at this site –

As far as I can see its a perfectly above board. totally legal streaming media site which lists many independent film makers, some UK Film Council offerings, full length films, short films and documentaries, and specifically one of my favourites …

And I’m probably the last one in the blog-o-sphere to realise this, but if you have a fairly new computer and it has an HDMI socket, you can connect it directly to your HD TV.

You knew that already ?

OK, well maybe if you’ve been living in a cave until recently you might not know, me for instance,  I discovered this factoid at the weekend it was like I was the ape who had just invented fire, problem is it doesn’t transmit sound so you have to use the computer speakers, but still, free films eh ?

This has been a Public Information Broadcast.

PS – American Werewolf in London on there too, Jenny Agutter, shower scene, join the queue, lets not crash the bloody site already.


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