A little cycling affair

This summer our ageing cycle crew will once again take to highway and byway of this green and pleasant land for enjoyment, health and money raising purposes, this year once again for Wheatfields Hospice in memory of Chris our departed soulmate.

http://onemorehill.wordpress.com/ is the information portal for our endeavours and will be updated with rubbish as soon as the rubbish comes to hand, there is also the original posts made from our memorable 2009 Coast to Coast ride still on there including the inspirational eve of departure speech which brought so many to tears and girded our loins with the determination we Old Gits needed to traverse the Pennines.

We are all a year older, most in our 54th or 55th year, two of our team will be retired by the time we undertake our mission, (Jesus Christ how did it ever come to this), Rodney the medic still has a forty-a-day habit and yet is still only one of two who have completed all of our missions so far (aided by his infamous bag of “medicines”) and Andy has bought a new bike this year after we sabotaged his old one and the front wheel fell off on the moors above Hexham last year.

The original team of eight who stepped into the vale of exhaustion with no clue of what was in store in 2009 have instantly responded with a confirmation of intent for the 2011 Coast & Castles Old Gits Ride such is the meaning behind this venture for all of us, its our annual “Flog yourself to within an inch of a coronary for Chris” weekend, I’m sure he would have approved.

This year its Torness Nuclear Power Station (near Edinburgh) to Tynemouth (near Newcastle) not picked at random at all for the coastline of the North East is both beautiful and deserted and a stunning backdrop for a bike ride on a summers day – absolutely bloody awful when its pissing it down mind, and it will.

We raise money from within by all throwing approximately twice what it will cost for transport and accommodation into the pot, whatever is left goes to Wheatfields, this year there is the suggestion that we might go out with the begging bowl again but that will come later, its not the main reason for doing this, just a nice by-product.

And now, I really must get the bike out from the garage.

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