Continuing The Poem

First four lines taken from a poem in Mexborough Grammar School’s 1946 school magazine, “The Don and Dearne”, poem by Patrick Webb, Form 1C…

The sky was hot, the sun was out,
it was a lovely day.
So mother put the washing out
While the children went to play

and I continued…

And as she pegged, upon the line,
her washing clean and bright,
She took a step back without a look
And trod in a pile of dog shite

“Oh bugger, dash and bother” she cried
“and these new shoes as well”
“They’re bound to be ruined for sure
oh bugger bloody hell”

I was but a child, playing nearby,
and saw the whole farce
So I laughed at her misfortune
And she kicked me up the arse

I’m sure that’s what Patrick would have wanted to write.


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