A Royal Wedding Invitation

I’m on tenterhooks here awaiting the arrival of our postie this morning for I am fully expecting my invitation to the royal wedding to plop through the letterbox today. or maybe tomorrow, or next week if they’ve sent it second class.

Its not like I have no experience of celebrity weddings for of course you may all recall that I attended one once, and a fine day out it was too especially as time will now probably have erased that unfortunate incident at the chocolate fountain that left lots of kids in tears as Ned and I simultaneously handed them off and devoured all the sweeties, we’ll keep an eye open for the chocolate fountain at Kate and Wills’ wedding and make sure we’re at the front of the queue this time.

I have to say that I am shocked at the number of “friends and family” at the forthcoming royal wedding, over 1000 of them, you know what its like when you throw a party and everyone you’ve ever met in your life so far suddenly remembers your address and turns up just as you’ve put the last of the Iceland chicken wings on the barbeque, I suppose its much the same as a royal, but with more people.

I had no such trouble at my own wedding all those years ago for at my own wedding only my own parents knew me. Living in the North East 100 miles from my own home and marrying a local girl with a family tree that included nearly everyone in the village we lived in meant that most of the guests were just vaguely recognisable to me, and I was totally anonymous to them.

Indeed there is a scene on our wedding video where one of Suzannes great-aunts is being led down the path to the church by one of her nephews (but their real relationship could be more complicated, its a complicated family tree), and when Ned and I walk past them with a cheery “Good Morning” she looks up and says to her nephew (who may not be her nephew) “Wheys he then ?” and the nephew (who may not…etc) has to tell her “Thats the blerk wheys gettin married man”.

Dateless old git.

I had people at my wedding who didn’t even know who I was.

As I expect William may.

4 thoughts on “A Royal Wedding Invitation

  1. I had people at my wedding who I didn’t know either – that’s because we got married in a chapel that hadn’t had a wedding in forty years . Half the village turned out – it was nice in a way. The organist was bit iffy mind – could only play three notes in random order. I must have the only wedding video that people actually ask to watch it’s so funny. Perhaps I should post it?

  2. You can see two of my uncles having a piss behind a large tombstone in our wedding video, its the only reason I’ve kept it.

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