Video Saturday – Frank Sinatra & Nelson Riddle

Ohhhh, found myself listening to Sinatra on Spotify the other night, I can’t help it, my dad WAS Frank Sinatra, I hear his voice every time I listen to any random Sinatra song, stood in any random bar leaning on a mic stand crooning a Sinatra classic …

“This Nearly Was Mine” is from the “The Concert Sinatra” album, a record that was well known to me as a teenager for whenever my father got to the record player before me it would be one of his first choice LP’s to play and although I would never in a million years ever admit it to him I secretly, even in those rebellious teenage years with glam and prog rock to hang my coat on, even then would I secretly admire this song, maybe even most of the album.

This song performed with a huge 73 piece orchestra gathered under the auspice of Nelson Riddle is of course a Rogers & Hammerstein classic from “South Pacific”, you see I knew all that as a teenager too having been taken to the cinema to see that musical at a very young age, you could argue that my dad was fighting back against The Beatles, The Stones and The Who at that time by suffusing my brain with orchestrated crooners and now fifty years later I can see how right he was to do this – this is a beautiful song of despondency which achieves the uncanny feat of seemingly being sung at one slow downbeat pace while the orchestration hurries along like a steam train behind it – sheer brilliance at work by two masters of their profession.




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