Video Saturday – Alice Cooper


Ah dear Alice circa 1972

You see, this is where my dad walked into the room, took one look at Top of the Pops and asked me “What the bloody hell is THAT?” whilst simultaneously pointing to the TV set, in 1972 your father didn’t try and pretend that he liked the same music as you, in 1972 there were very solid demarcation lines between the generations and Alice Cooper was the demarcation personified, I’d have physically attacked my father if he’d said that he liked Alice Cooper, there has to be rules.

Which is why its so sad these days to see mothers and fathers actually enjoying (or pretending to enjoy) the music of their children for what do those children know of rebellion if that is the case, how can those children express themselves if their parents love everything they listen to, teenage music is for teenagers and the blurring of the generation gap has brought the death knell to performances such as this one on TOTP, no longer will a father walk in the room and declare “What the bloody hell is THAT?” to trigger the age old response from their offspring, “Dad, you don’t understand…”

I dashed out immediately and bought the album “Schools Out”, and on it was this simply ace track …


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