High Cuisine

Have you ever eaten something and then immediately wished that you could reverse the process without the use of a toilet bowl and your fingers down your throat, have you ever considered that bulimia would be a good option on this one occasion ?

Yesterday my youngest daughter brought home a bag containing three “Yum-Yums” that she had bought in a high street bakers shop, Cooplands to be specific, the people who took over the defunct Ainsley’s shops in these parts.

So what are Yum-Yums ?

Imagine a sausage roll, that shape and size, now stop thinking of sausage rolls for they have some nutritional value (maybe) and are no part of this discussion, just keep the shape and size in mind.

Now take a ball of doughnut dough, already highly sugared doughnut dough, and roll and form it into sausage roll shapes, deep fry and then coat liberally in melted sugar, wait for it to set and then apply more sprinkled sugar.

A tad too much sugar for you in that recipe ?

Yes, too much for me too, however and always willing to experiment so that you can learn from my experience and not have to repeat the process, I ate one.

The sugar rush was immense and immediate, my guess is that each Yum-Yum contains several pounds of sugar, some of it deep fried, and the headache when the sugar rush declined was enough to persuade me that this foodstuff should be placed on the Class A drug list and only available from your friendly back street dealer, chopped and weighed into small plastic bags and smuggled to your doorstep hidden in a body cavity.

There are still two Yum-Yums in the fridge (3 for £1), I may consider snorting one of them for lunch.

3 thoughts on “High Cuisine

  1. OMG.

    Having said that, they do a ‘bread’ in the Perpignan area that’s very greasy and covered in sugar. Tried it once, but probably won’t partake again.

    But to think, while you were making this sacrifice, I was eating burger, chips and ketchup – well, as done by Raymond Blanc and Bruno Loubet.

    You’d probably stick with the yum yum after that, eh? 😉

  2. I reckon that if you heated a Yum-Yum it would totally melt into a pool of sacchrine, either that or burst into flames sufficient to have to evacuate the house.

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