Ashley Jackson – Power and the Passion

Another free exhibition of a local artist is in place at Temple Newsam House in Leeds until 8th May (free entry to exhibition but you pay to get into the house).

Ashley Jackson is a well known Yorkshire watercolourist, he’s published several books on his Yorkshire landscape paintings and has had several TV series, “A Brush with Ashley” fitted nicely into that 7pm weekday slot on your local TV station, he’d take enthusiastic amateurs up onto the moors or into the Dales and they’d all paint the same scene, and the nice thing about Ashley Jackson is that sometimes his efforts were not as good as the amateurs, but they still went out unedited – imagine Bob Ross doing that.

This year he is 70 years old and still painting, his studio in Holmfirth still appears to be thriving and his work shows no sign of diminishing – I styled my watercolours on his for many a year until I gave up the medium and I want to style my lifestyle on his too, lets be honest, its the only income I’m going to have in my dotage after the pensions and investments washed away in the great 2008 business crash.

His main body of work has always been the unglamorous Pennine landscapes, you wouldn’t find any of his watercolours on a chocolate box lid, indeed he’d probably sue if he found anyone doing that, his watercolours are done on a large scale and often feature dark brooding skies, a weather front moving in, the threat of an approaching storm as you are exposed on a moor top, he freely acknowledges Turner as an inspiration and it shows.

Here’s a hint to my family, buy me a place on one of his “Paint Days” please, I’ll even get the watercolours out again if you do.


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