Stereotypes, and matching them

Stereotypes exist because, well, they are generally true, people comply to stereotypes because the stereotypes were established to describe them and their behaviour.

So, women drivers eh, how rubbish are they ?

I spent an hour this morning sitting in my wifes car while she was at the dentist watching a …what, yes, I drove her to the dentists, yes its her car and yes she is capable of driving herself to the dentist without me being involved in the process at all, but she told me to drive her to the dentist this morning so I did, its what I do in this house, I am merely the unpaid chauffeur.

So I dropped her off outside and tried to find somewhere to park and wait.

Around the back of the shops/offices was a small car park with parking in it and on the access road to it, I parked with some other cars on the access road leaving loads of space for other drivers to get by – I know that I left loads of space because I can see through my eyes, a facility that is apparently not available to many of the women drivers who tried to use that access road and/or park on it – I also know that there was plenty of room there because during the hour I spent there two huge bread delivery trucks reversed up the same access route without any problems.

So, you could reverse a huge truck up this access road but lots of little old women could not drive their cars forwards up this access road without that look on their face that says “oooooohh heeeeelp, I don’t know what to do”, the sort of look that makes you think you’re not safe as a pedestrian even if you stay on the pavement.

None of them managed to park in the several spaces that were there – there was a space next to my car in which a big SUV had originally been parked, you could easily have fitted two cars in the space that was left when it departed but none of the old lady drivers could park their Nissan Micra’s or other assorted old lady cars into that space, they looked, and then quickly looked away probably because parking there would involve driving the car backwards at some point in the day.

And then to cap it all while one of the monster bread delivery trucks was around the back of the building a woman drove up the access road, saw the big space next to my car, ignored it and instead parked right opposite my car, in the road, thus blocking it to everyone else, and then casually got out, got her little brat out of the back, and buggered off – “this is going to be interesting” I thought and settled down to watch what would happen when the delivery truck wanted to get out.

I had to move of course because when the truck driver wanted to leave he couldn’t, I moved to let him out and twenty minutes later when I left the dateless womans car was still there, still blocking the access road, I can only assume that at some point in her life someone will kill her with a big stick for her parking inabilities.

But then again, she is a woman, and she fits the stereotype perfectly.


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