Easter Sunday

So Easter Sunday then, what does it mean to me ?

It means that Smithy will be coming around here at 9am, the bikes on the back of the car and we’re off for a ride up the Leeds/Liverpool Canal towpath for as long as we can go before the doubts start to set in that we might not have enough energy to ride all the way back again – we did the same on Good Friday.

So Easter Sunday does not have any particular religious significance to me at all then, other than to acknowledge the fact that it has some religious significance to other people and that they have that prerogative if they so wish.

I don’t understand the “Faith” bit at all, I like to think I’m a practical sort of person, I like mechanical things because I like to see how things work, I don’t like electronic things because you can’t see how things work and it strikes me that having some sort of religious “Faith” is akin to switching on the power on your TV set and not actually wondering, not even for just one minute, how the picture gets to be on your screen in your living room when the TV studio is actually across the other side of the world – you’ve got to be a bit gullible and just not ask questions is all there is to it.

My problem with “The Church” is that they are not open to question, you either accept “The Faith” or you don’t, you either buy the product and swallow the sales pitch 100% or you are damned, you certainly don’t ask the sort of question that I heard a priest being asked on a radio programme the other week, “If there is a god then why does he allow things like the earthquake in Japan to happen ?”

His answer was as predictable as an earthquake in Japan should have been, “God doesn’t make earthquakes happen, god only makes good things happen, its the devil who makes bad things happen”

Erm, so there’s two gods then ?

Theres a God of Good and a God of Bad, and the God of Bad must be the more powerful of the two because the God of Good can’t stop him doing all the bad things, and lets be honest there are lots of bad things in the world, everything from Japanese earthquakes to small children dying from horrible illnesses and conditions that we struggle to understand because they are so evil – thats one powerful God of Bad that is.

So powerful indeed that it makes you wonder just how good this God of Good really is, particularly when he is the one who is supposed to have made all of this stuff in the first place, he was the one who put the earth together like a huge plasticine ball but who made such a shoddy job of it that the God of Bad is easily able to shift a few plates here and there and cause death to tens of thousands whenever he pleases – serious design flaw that is God of Good, and after one manufacturers recall already (step forward and take a bow Noah).

And where do Easter Eggs come into all of this, at what point in the story of nailing a man to a tree did the Easter Eggs appear, or are they part of the God of Bad’ master plan too, probably if that Virgin Media Easter Egg I ate last night is anything to go by, it was just awful, poor quality chocolate and tasting rank, I had all on eating every last crumb, definitely a God of Bad Easter Egg that was.

I shouldn’t have been eating it anyway, it was one of my daughters who brought it home, they were giving them away for free in the city centre, it was the God of Bad who made me eat it, its probably his weekend for doing stuff liek that.


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