London Olympic Tickets

Still on the subject of nutters, step forward the London 2012 Olympics ticket lottery applicants.

6.6 million tickets have been up for grabs for the past six or so weeks for all of the events, but its not as simple as picking, say, the 100 metres final and deciding that “oooh I’d like to see that please, how much is that one”, because of course all of the 20 million people who applied for tickets would probably pick that event.

A marvellous lottery was devised instead where you could simply apply for tickets via a web site and provide a preference for certain Olympic sports which may or may not be totally ignored when you are finally informed of the allocation result in June – at which point your credit card will already have been billed for how ever many tickets they have decided to give you, for whatever sports they have decided to send you to.

Sounds fair doesn’t it, everyone gets an equal chance of picking up a ticket or two, its just over 3:1 against you getting any tickets at all, but still, a lottery ensures that you all get an equal go, especially if you are a nutter and would have applied for every sport even if it cost you your house.

People like “Ruth” for instance who rang BBC Five Live the other day to admit that she and her husband have applied for £22,000 worth of tickets, 240 tickets in total for her and her husband and she’s now desperately praying that she won’t be allocated all of them lest the bailiffs come calling for the terraced house.

Or Dinesh from London who also admitted to having applied for £20,000 worth of tickets in any event what so ever, he’s spread the cost over seven credit cards and admitted that he can’t remember which events or even how many tickets he’s applied for, just that he’s praying that he doesn’t win them all.

And the comments kept coming on the radio phone-in with most people gleefully admitting to having potentially maxed out several credit cards on ten grands worth of applications without actually knowing what they were applying for – the sign of a true nutter dedicated to being part of a promised event with no knowledge of what or how, just the determination to bankrupt themselves in the course of doing so.

Its a brilliant marketing rouse and a guarantee that the London 2012 Olympics will have every event sold out, in fact sold out three times over, raising up to £400 million one year prior to the games actually starting, I wish I’d thought of it.

I do hope that they contact “Ruth” again in June to find out if she has to sell the terraced house to pay for all 240 tickets at the synchronised swimming or Dinesh and his £20k worth of tickets to the horse dressage – that would be a good time to tell them that they can’t sell the tickets on the black market either and will have to wait until early next year to apply to have them listed on the official resale list – I’m sure you’ll get a good price for them Dinesh and Ruth, no really.


2 thoughts on “London Olympic Tickets

  1. I take it you didn’t bother either then chief?

    Its similar to how they do London Marathon – an online ballot opens and hordes of people who havent ran a step in years apply having recently watched the BBC coverage. It creates artificial demand by effectively adding a time limit. Then, having entered the ballot everyone waits 6 months to find out if they’ve been successful, which is unlikely as only 1:6 are.

  2. I shall watch on TV, the prestige events that are going for two grand a ticket will be for free in my house and I don’t need to watch the dressage just because Lord Coe drew my name out of a hat for that event.

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