Britain’s Got Talent and Mr McIntyre’s bad memory

Britain’s Got Talent, or as is quickly becoming apparent, “Britain Has Run Out Of Undiscovered Talent And Now Relies Heavily On Nutters For Amusement” has been on screen for three or so weeks now and I have managed almost to avoid it, until now.

This weekend I perchance came across it and as its still in the process of auditioning the deluded, lunatic and drunkards I decided to stay tuned and mock, as is its purpose.

With the exportation of messrs Cowell and Morgan to the colonies to make their fortunes the role of judging the deluded, lunatic, and drunkards has been granted to Michael McIntyre and the bloke who was once famously captured deluded, lunatic and drunkard on Youtube by his own daughter, David Hasslehoff, the man who once nearly convinced us all that cars would one day speak to us and give us directions to our destination – pah! as if…

And something strange happened…

Amidst all of the deluded, lunatic and deluded appeared a group of Oxford University students gathered together under the name of “Out of the Blue” and I called for the current wife of mine to come in from the kitchen to watch this group for the truth is that I had seen this band of performers before and I was impressed, they are good.

And they were good and the judges all said they were good and voted them through to the stage of the competition, the judges all said that they were surprised at how good the performance was and how they had not expected that sort of acapela/comedy performance and that they had not seen the like of that before…

…but that was not quite the truth was it Michael McIntyre ?

It was Michael McIntyre that was full of effusive praise, it was he who said that he had not seen the likes of Out of the Blue before and that he was most pleasantly surprised by their unique interpretation of the Lady Gaga song that they had performed.

…but that is not quite true is it Michael ?

You see, I know about Out of the Blue because they have been around for several years now and I have seen them at the most excellent Edinburgh Fringe Festival on at least two occasions, in fact you can’t help but spot them at The Edinburgh Fringe because they are very good at self publicity, they hire one of the street performance booths and showcase several songs several times every day, they are one of the acts that book themselves into a venue for the whole three weeks and they know all about publicising their work, they are a hot ticket in town and you can’t go anywhere in the city without hearing, seeing or reading about them – for several years.

And Michael McIntyre is no stranger to the Edinburgh Festival either, he’s both headlined and done the apprenticeship at the “starter gigs” and in 2007 when I saw Out of the Blue live guess which act had sold out at The Pleasance Theatre, yes, a certain Mr McIntyre – I don’t believe for one minute that someone could be doing the headline theatres at Edinburgh and not come across an act like Out of the Blue.

Bad memory or telling porkies Michael ?

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