This could be interesting…

Not sure how true this is but have a read of the article linked to below, and then lets wait and see shall we ?

I have however always thought it strange how the voting numbers on shows like BGT are never revealed…

The original document was removed after, not surprisingly, a complaint from SYCO, but of course there is more than one copy floating around t’interweb …

True or not ?

We shall see tomorrow of course but its only a few weeks ago that I noticed that Mr McIntyre had surely suffered some amnesia  over the vocal group “Out of the Blue”, said group being voted off the stage last night in favour of a bloke who’s act consists of the sort of stuff that goes on at every drunken wedding across the land every weekend, can you manipulate the public vote or not ?




2 thoughts on “This could be interesting…

  1. I think even if its completely fabricated its still a representation of what we know that whole industry is like, I’ve no issue with the likes of Cowell becoming multi-millionaires on the backs of performers with or without any sort of talent but lets not pretend that he and his like do it all for the good of the performer, their industry history is littered with litigation against against agents, managers, recording companies, promoters, etc etc – there are many beaks to be dipped in that industry and the artist is often left with very little.

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