Video Saturday – Led Zeppelin


Sneaking out of school at lunchtime to walk the couple of streets to Sam Kirkbrides house, slowly starting to appreciate this “new band” that he’d been listening to for the past year, sitting in his bedroom with the windows open and the stereo on at full volume, his neighbours complained like hell to his mother but she was out at work all day and Sam Kirkbride had such an innocent face that she believed he could do no wrong, “It must be someone else” she told the neighbours even though they all insisted that they’d seen us all at the bedroom window head banging to Led Zeppelin 1 through to 4.

The last time I saw Sam Kirkbride I was dressed in a smart suit as we’d just been to a nightclub, Sam was on the street outside in an afghan coat, his once “milky bar kid” image now slightly ruffled, the short back and sides blond hair now more resembling Robert Plants, he invited me back to his house for a nightcap, it was a squat that he shared with dozens of others and we drank brandy from a broken bottle while he smoked something that didn’t look an awful lot like a commercial cigarette to me – and he played Led Zeppelin in that squat that night and the neighbours probably complained again.

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