Jackson joins the family…

Introducing Jackson, the latest addition to our family

Jackson joined us yesterday from The Dogs Trust a most excellent organisation dedicated to the health and well being of dogs, and of re-housing those dogs who, often for no fault of their own, have not had the best start, middle or end of their lives, they never put a healthy dog to sleep and last year the Leeds branch rehomed over 1200 dogs.

Jackson was a stray, found abandoned and wandering the streets he was unclaimed by his former owners when the local authority who found him held him and so was sent to the Leeds Dog Trust for re-homing, we saw him on his second day in kennels and have been visiting and walking him for the past week, he’s a lovely dog, walks on the lead like an obedience champion, is house trained, placid, knows all the basic dog commands and in short is an excellent example of the breed.

The only thing I don’t understand is how someone could have kept him for the eighteen months to two years (we don’t know how old he is of course) to date and then just thrown him out on the streets, it really defy’s belief but he is lucky in that he doesn’t seem to have been abused unlike some of his less fortunate Dogs Trust kennel mates.

We saw pretty quickly while he was in kennels that he has a bit of a problem with being left alone, “abandonment issues”, but we’ll work on that with him, last night was his first night with us and he wasn’t happy when we all disappeared upstairs to bed and left him downstairs with his bed, I’ll say this for him he is a very agile and very quick dog and no manner of persuasion and coaxing would get him to stay downstairs on his own – so I slept downstairs with him last night, I’ve never slept on our settee before apart from snoozing on a Saturday afternoon, its quite comfortable really.

He just needs to be confident that when the lights go out and we leave him downstairs then we will always come back in the morning – see how easy it is to screw up a dogs mind, poor love.

Today there’s another routine for him to get used to, three walks a day and then sit with me in the office like Jake used to do, its a dogs life isn’t it ?


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