A Jackson update…

Jackson in the studio


Day six and he’s settled in nicely, the last three nights have been spent with him sleeping soundly downstairs while we all sleep upstairs, his anxiety at being left alone at night has disappeared with the reassurance that, actually, we all re-appear again in the morning and better still, he gets breakfast when we re-appear too !

He’s a lovely dog, very steady temperament has not shown any aggression or guarding instincts when people have visited the house (which is how we want it to be), has found his voice on a couple of occasions when he hears things outside that can’t be seen through windows but stops when told to (we don’t really want a dog to bark incessantly), he sits, gives a paw, lies down, goes to his bed and waits for his food on command, loves to be fussed over, loves hugs, loves having his belly scratched, all in all a perfect family dog, well socialised and content.

A long walk beckons in the next few minutes and then this afternoon I start on his portrait…

The Dogs Trust


2 thoughts on “A Jackson update…

  1. That’s a nice dog has some ears on him though just woundering does he have a White on the end of his tail

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