Video Saturday – Roy Orbison

It still feels strange for me to admit in public that I actually like a lot of Roy Orbison’s music, strange because by the time the younger version of me was starting to appreciate popular music Roy Orbison was already the sort of singer that your dad liked and was not for you for that one single reason.

Sure he had a hit in the UK in the late 60s but we regarded “Pretty Woman” as a joke song, it was the song that we sang to David England (the cleverest boy in the world and the archetypal class swot) at school, in our post-Beatles, slightly pre-glam-rock, developing prog-rock minds Roy Orbison had no right to be in “our” music charts and the fact that a thousand working mens club acts up and down the land favoured a Roy Orbison song in their set every weekend only reinforced our attitudes.

And yet now, I like a lot of his stuff, its simple and true and can no longer be denied.

This song for instance is about his wife Claudette who was killed in a motorcycle accident in 1966 while she and Orbison were out riding and she was in collision with a truck, the truck won, sad isn’t it ?


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