Fathers Day

…or Hallmark Cards Day as I prefer to call it, complete commercial marketing bollax.

“Don’t waste your money on Fathers Day rubbish for me ” I tell the two young ladies who just yesterday were small girls going to the school at the bottom of our street, now they are adults and both working hard in full time jobs, one has just graduated in law having financed all four years from part-time jobs, she is now employed in the legal services industry and has no idea how proud we are of her, the other comes home from work in a taxi in the early hours of the morning, this morning at 6am, having worked a night shift in the hotel and hospitality business that she has ambitions to excel in, she has no idea how proud of her we are either.

And yet I come downstairs this morning to find two Hallmark cards and two bars of chocolate and one of them tells me that she was going to buy me a beer as well but she knows how it gives me a headache and I don’t tell her that actually its beer and chocolate that gives me migraines so I’ll pig out on Cadbury’s this afternoon and keep my fingers crossed.

I hope they’ve been raised well and I hope I get cards and chocolate every year.



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